Best weed eaters 2018

Buying Guide

Weed eaters are also known as weed whackers or string trimmers, and these machines are generally used as hedge trimmers or edgers that help you keep the yards and sidewalks trimmed and without any weeds. Most weed eaters come with a long shaft with a handle at one end and at the other end they feature a reel of string. The plastic string provides enhanced speed for cutting the woods. Some of these machines are smaller, and the others are for a more widespread use. These are ideal tools especially for people who have troubles bending over and all kinds of back issues. With the help of a weed eater, you can comfortably eliminate the weed without having the stress of continually pulling them by hand.

Benefits of buying a weed eater

Whatever type of weed eater you will decide to buy, most of these machines come with a lot of advantages. First of all, one of the main benefits of getting a weed eater is that it’s straightforward to use. Besides weed eaters, there are other machines that you can use for trimming and mowing your grass in the lawn and such machines are lawn mowers for instance. But none of these is able to provide you the convenience and the ease of use like weed eaters. Mowing, trimming and edging with the help of a weed eater will turn out effortlessly, and you don’t even have to be an advanced user or a professional before you can use such a machine for gardening. The machine is effortless to start regardless of the type that you decide to get. There are three main types of weed eaters, gas trimmers, electric corded trimmers and battery powered trimmers. If you get the battery weed eater, after the battery is fully charged and fixed to the unit, all that you will have to do is to switch on the machine and start trimming. If you have an electric type, you just have to plug it into an electrical outlet and then switch on the weed eater before you’re all set to start your work. And if you have the gas powered type, trimming with such a tool will turn out easy as well. Most weed eaters also come with a rubberized handle to help you avoid the symptom of hand fatigue.

Lightweight and flexibility are other main benefits of having a weed eater. Such a machine is lighter than most of the other grass cutting and weed trimming tools that are on the market for doing your gardening. It’s important to know that some weed eaters are so light that even older children can effortlessly use them in your garden without any problems. Speaking of children, a weed eater is a great machine to teach your children how to trim and cut the grass in your yard or garden. It’s effortless to lift and hold the trimmer for about an hour during your work.

Having a weed eater also involves less adverse effects on the environment and the fact that such machines are eco-friendly is also extremely important these days. A weed eater doesn’t have an increased negative effect or impact on the environment. For instance, if you will decide to go for an electric or battery powered weed eater, you will not cause any problems and distractions to your neighbors while you are working in your garden with this machine. These two options are the best choices for people who really want to avoid causing sound pollution. What’s even more important is that such devices will not lead to any discharge of gas or fume into the atmosphere and an environmentally friendly tool is priceless these days.

The increased speed is another significant benefit that comes along with getting a weed eater. Such a machine will definitely help you get your job done much faster compared to other tools that are used for trimming weed. The fact that they’re lightweight and easy to work with will also result in finishing your work faster, and this means that you will be able to save some time and do other things that you love after finishing your work in the garden.

Weed eaters need less maintenance and repair, and it’s needless to say what a significant advantage this is for the users. It will turn out much more economical to own a weed eater than other similar tools for doing your gardening since you won’t have to replace all kinds of parts and use various accessories for maintenance. A weed eater is a really simple tool with an easy construction. It comes with simple pieces and this will make it effortless to maintain. With a weed eater, you will not have to go through the stressful process of servicing it all the time and it will definitely won’t require frequent repairs. Once you have bought a weed eater, you will see for yourself that it provides high value for the money that you have paid for it.

Factors to consider before buying a weed eater

There are a few things worth considering before making the best decision regarding what’s the ideal weed eater for your own needs. For starters, the type of weed eater that is suitable for you is one of the most important aspects that you should consider.

Gas powered weed eaters are some of the best machines that you can get. This is because they are the perfect choice for dealing with really tall grass and weeds. Most of them weigh around 9-13 pounds, and they are heavier than battery-powered and corded weed eaters. The latest models of gas-powered weed eaters are also created with eco-friendly features, but some of them are loud enough to still require using hearing protection. Propane powered weed eaters and probably the most environmentally friendly, but you should know that they are also the most expensive models that you will be able to find on the market.

Electric corded weed eaters are the least expensive models, and most of them also weigh less than ten pounds. You will not need regular tune-ups when you are using an electric weed eater and starting such machines will turn out really simple because all that you have to do is just push a button. These are quieter compared to the gas-powered models and that are totally eco-friendly. On the other hand, these are limited by their power cord, and some of them still require using hearing protection while you are working with them.

Battery powered or cordless weed eaters run on NiCd or Li-Ion batteries, and they have the essential advantage of being completely portable without needing any pull starting and without requiring any fueling. The latest versions have increased performance, but they cannot beat the corded and the gas powered weed eater models when it comes to trimming taller weeds and grass. These ones also tend to be a bit heavier compared to the corded models, and they are able to run between 20 to 50 minutes before they require a recharge. Recharges usually take somewhere between half an hour and several hours. These machines are ideal for the average urban yard on the other hand.

Comfort in handling the weed eater is another critical factor to take into consideration before deciding which model is the right one for you. So, it’s advisable to know how your future weed eater is handled before purchasing it. Usually, the weight of a weed eater should be evenly distributed, or the machine can also be a bit heavier at the top. It’s recommended that you make sure that the machine’s controls are both easily accessible and smooth.

Safety is a crucial factor to looks for when you’re buying a weed eater. These machines can stir up debris, and in order to be able to avoid hurting yourself, you will have to use goggles, long pants, and high boots. Apart from the cordless electric weed eaters, most trimmers operate at a minimum of 85 decibels which is a noise level that definitely requires using ear protection in order to protect the health of your ears. The shield at the bottom of the trimmer is another safety feature that you should look for because it protects you from flying debris. A trigger lock is also essential because it is able to prevent accidentally running the trim head when not in use.

A smaller gap between the head and the debris guard is another essential element you should take into consideration, and we’ll explain the reason. Weeds and taller grass can wrap themselves around the weed eater’s cutting head, and this will result in slowing down the machine and even stalling it. This will usually happen especially if the weed eater has a massive gap between the head and the mounting for the grass debris guard. Weed eaters that come with smaller gaps or at least with a protective sleeve around their shaft will be able to dodge this issue.

Weed eater heads are important elements to consider, and these can be divided into three main categories based on their line feed design: bump feed, automatic feed, and fixed head.

The bump feed systems come with winding variable lengths of line around the weed eater’s spool, and they have two equal lengths that are fed through the openings that are present in the trimmer head. Such a system will require some light tapping or bumping of the weed eater’s bottom on the ground while you are trimming. The line is going to advance when the spring system releases it via the outlets. Such a feed system will turn out reliable and effortless to use. This one is also the most popular that you will find these days. With this feed system, you will be able to control just how much line will be used. The bump feed is practically a simplified technique that is derived from string advancement. If this breaks down, you will easily be able to repair it on the spot.

Lots of weed eaters also pack automatic feed systems, and these are similar to the bump feed ones. What’s different is the fact that they use a line spinning motor rather than requiring more manual effort from the user’s part. With the automatic feed, you will be able to focus most of your attention on the actual trimming rather than having to check on the line all the time. You will not need to tap the trimmer’s head and this way you will be able to get the job done much faster.

The fixed head systems use individual lengths of line which are loaded or threaded into the weed eater one at a time. In other words, this will save you from the trouble of having to wind the line onto the head, and things will turn out much easier. These fixed head systems are usually found in more massive, commercial weed eaters that include a thick and a much tougher string. Such a string will not break or wear too much and this means that you will not need to pause between the trimming sessions in order to replace it.

The weed eater’s shaft is another factor that is worth considering and this can be curved or straight. The shaft is the part of a weed eater that transfers the power from the motor or engine to the lines which cut the weeds and grass. Weed eaters that come with a straight shaft will have a greater reach, and they are more suited for taller users and easier reach underneath bushes and shrubs. Weed eaters with curved shafts are usually lighter and more comfortable to maneuver.

Tips for choosing the best weed eater for your needs

  • Electric weed eaters are quieter than gas-powered models.
  • If you need to take down tall and unruly grass, you should look for a weed eater that comes with dual nylon lines that are at least 8 inches thick.
  • Weed eaters with anti-vibration technology are more comfortable to use over more extended periods of time.
  • The best weed eaters come with shafts that change lengths or movable loop handles that allow users to adjust the tool in order to match the user’s height.
  • Look for easy-to-use feed and reload features.
  • The best weed eaters come with high-quality materials for durable construction.
  • A curved shaft weed eater is excellent for trimming tighter areas, and the trimmer will be easier to control.
  • A straight shaft weed eater can reach better under obstacles.
  • An adjustable shaft will allow you to change the working height of the weed eater.
  • Single line heads simplify winding the new trimming line.
  • Dual line heads are able to trim faster because they cut twice with each revolution.
  • Variable speed controls offer different levels of power for various cutting conditions.

Best weed eaters to buy in 2018

BLACK+DECKER GH900 6.5-Amp String Trimmer/Edger, 14-Inch



Lightweight and ergonomic

The BLACK+DECKER GH900 6.5-Amp String Trimmer/Edger is a lightweight and ergonomic machine that will turn out extremely easy to use even for beginners.

Electric string trimmer and edger

The weed eater is able to take even the most robust weeds and the overgrown grass thanks to its electric capabilities. The machine can be easily transformed from a trimmer to an edger. All you have to do is rotate the trimmer, and it becomes an edger.

Straight and clean results

This machine provides increased control and accuracy when you place it in the edge mode, and the results will be cleaner edges.

Prevents bumping

The BLACK+DECKER GH900 6.5-Amp String Trimmer/Edger makes sure that you will be able to perform continuous work without hitting the machine or having to stop in order to feed the spool.

Highly adjustable

This machine can be adjusted to more heights for more comfortable operation. You will not bog down in the heavier grass, and thicker weeds. The BLACK+DECKER GH900 6.5-Amp String Trimmer/Edger provides high performance while trimming.


What to like:

  • This is a really powerful electric trimmer that can do the job flawlessly.
  • This machine is lightweight and comfortable to hold.
  • It is able to trim even the thickest grass and weeds.
  • The BLACK+DECKER GH900 6.5-Amp String Trimmer/Edger is excellent for both beginners and more advanced users.
  • The guide wheeling for edging in a fantastic feature to have.
  • This machine is ideal for smaller yards.


What to consider:

  • Users who really want to use a longer extension cord, let’s say one of 100 ft, for instance, will not be able to do that because the casing for the power plug is smaller and it does not fit a three-prong extension cord. But according to the manual, you will be able to use at least a 14-gauge cord.


Greenworks 13-Inch 4 Amp Corded String Trimmer 21212

Greenworks 13-Inch

Greenworks 13-Inch


Greenworks 13-Inch 4 Amp Corded String Trimmer is lightweight, and it also comes with an easy to use design which makes it ideal even for beginners. The electric start will get this machine going within seconds, and you will not have to deal with any gas hassle.

Adjustable auxiliary handle

The machine comes with a 13-inch cut path with a dual line auto-feed and an adjustable auxiliary handle.

Ideal for small to medium size yards

This weed eater is the perfect choice for small and medium-sized yards. It’s important to note that it does not come with a power cord and you will have to purchase it separately.

It can trim thick weeds as well

This week eater can easily cut thicker weeds and taller grass, and it is effortless to use.


What to like:

  • The Greenworks 13-Inch 4 Amp Corded String Trimmer is an efficient machine, especially for smaller and medium-sized yards.
  • It does a great job, just as good as a gas-powered edger would be able to do, but for a lower price.
  • It comes with a lightweight design, and you will be able to handle it quickly and effortlessly.
  • The machine is made of high-quality materials, and you can tell this from the beginning judging after its robust and compact construction.
  • You only have to put together about four pieces before the weed eater is ready to function.
  • Even novice users can handle this weed eater easily.
  • Greenworks 13-Inch 4 Amp Corded String Trimmer adjusts easily for straight up edging.


What to consider:

  • This is an electric trimmer, and as a result, it works with an extension cord which is not included in the package. On the other hand, this is clearly stated on Amazon, so users will not be taken by surprise.


BLACK+DECKER LST300 20V Lithium Trimmer/Edger, 12″

33% extended run time

The BLACK+DECKER LST300 20V Lithium Trimmer/Edger comes with a 20-volt battery pack that provides the machine 33% more runtime.

PowerDrive Transmission

The PowerDrive Transmission is able to deliver more power from the motor to the cutting string so that you will be able to get the job done much faster compared to other weed eaters.

Automatic Feed Spool

The Automatic Feed Spool makes sure that you will get continuous work done without the risk of bumping the machine.

Two-in-one trim or edge machine

This is a 2-in-1 trim or edge machine, and it will easily convert from a trimmer to an edger in just a few seconds.


What to like:

  • The BLACK+DECKER LST300 20V Lithium Trimmer/Edger comes with a lightweight design.
  • It includes adjustable handles and height position.
  • The Runtime Extension Technology will come in handy for longer run time.
  • Using this weed eater even by inexperienced users is effortless.
  • The head can be turned 90 degrees to get the edges.
  • The weed eater is lightweight, and it does not make too much noise.
  • The battery allows the BLACK+DECKER LST300 20V Lithium Trimmer/Edger to run for about an hour.


What to consider:

  • The spool of this machine may turn out a bit tricky to replace, and that’s why it’s recommended that you do not let the spring lose because then you will find yourself rewinding it manually which can be a bit difficult. Once you figure things out, it will be quick and easy to drop in the new line.


Husqvarna 128LD 17-Inch Straight Shaft Detachable String Trimmer, 28cc

Husqvarna 128LD

Husqvarna 128LD

28cc engine

The weed eater comes with a 28cc powerful engine that will allow you to trim even the thicker weeds and the taller grass from your yard. The cutting width is 17 inches.

.095 diameter trimmer line

The machine uses a .095 diameter trimmer line, and you will find out that it is effortless to use even if you are a beginner.

Straight shaft

The Husqvarna 128LD 17-Inch Straight Shaft Detachable String Trimmer comes with a straight shaft, and it also includes a two-cycle unit.

Easy to install

This weed eater’s installation process is a piece of cake and as we already noted even novice user would be able to handle the job.


What to like:

  • This machine is extremely well built.
  • The weed eater will never stall while you are working on it.
  • It is lightweight enough to be able to maneuver it effortlessly.
  • The Husqvarna 128LD 17-Inch Straight Shaft Detachable String Trimmer is powerful enough to trim thick weeds.


What to consider:

  • You have to disassemble the head every time to feed the line manually, and this can turn out a bit annoying for some users. But once you get the hang of it, this should not seem like a severe issue anymore.


Remington RM2510 Rustler 25cc 2-Cycle 16-Inch Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer

Remington RM2510 Rustler

Remington RM2510 Rustler

Balanced curved shaft design

The Remington RM2510 Rustler comes with a balanced curved shaft design, and this makes cutting and trimming extraordinarily comfortable and effortless.

QuickStart Technology

The weed eater includes a 25cc 2-cycle engine that features QuickStart Technology, and this will make the pull starts much more comfortable.

Dual line bump head

The machine comes with a dual line bump head with .095-inches line for more precise control.

Trims wide sections of grass

The Remington RM2510 Rustler includes a 16-inch cutting swath that is able to trim more extensive sections of taller grass in less time compared to other weed eaters.


What to like:

  • The Remington RM2510 Rustler is constructed with durable components.
  • All you have to do is squeeze the trigger and bump the machine’s head on the ground to extend the trimmer line.
  • The weed eater’s engine is compact and powerful designed for edging and trimming.
  • The balanced design makes it easier to use for more extended periods of time.
  • The curved shaft is lightweight and effortless to handle.


What to consider:

  • The Remington RM2510 Rustler is more suitable for shorter people according to the product’s reviews. It is able to do its job even if you are a taller person after you get used to it, but it is more appropriate if you are shorter.





2-in-1 machine

The BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 20V MAX Lithium Easy Feed String Trimmer/Edger is able to convert easily from a trimmer to a wheeled edger without much hassle.

Increased torque

The weed eater comes with a Power Drive Transmission for enhanced torque.

Extended run time and enhanced power

The BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 20V MAX Lithium Easy Feed String Trimmer/Edger features 2-speed control for an extended run time and an increased power.


The Easyfeed feature allows the user to advance the line with the push of a button without any bumping required.

Part of Powercommand family of tools

This weed eater is a part of the Power command family of tools that are able to help the common user: Easyfeed, Powercut, Powerboost.


What to like:

  • The BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 20V MAX Lithium Easy Feed String Trimmer/Edger can be effortlessly converted from a trimmer to a wheeled edger even by the novice users.
  • The increased torque will turn out really useful for enhanced cutting power at the string.
  • You will be able to enjoy enhanced user comfort thanks to the adjustable height and handle.
  • The machine provides great control while you are using it even if you are just a beginner and have never used a weed eater before in your whole life.
  • The tool is designed for trimming the area of overgrown weeds and grass after mowing.
  • It is also perfect for edging along borders, flower beds and sidewalks as well.
  • It is able to handle everything in the yard including patches of thicker weeds.
  • Even if the weed eater is lightweight is really powerful.
  • The BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 20V MAX Lithium Easy Feed String Trimmer/Edger is able to handle thick weeds, overgrown grass but also delicate grass as well.
  • The weed eater is also relatively quiet compared to other similar models.
  • It’s much more convenient that you can leave the battery on the charger without any nasty effects and this encourages you to charge it more frequently rather than letting it drain.
  • The unit can be extended to make it taller or shorter and all you have to do is to twist the lock, adjust its length and then twist the lock again.


What to consider:

  • The product’s description does not mention the fact that this unit comes with an auto-feed feature. You will see that the BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 20V MAX Lithium Easy Feed String Trimmer/Edger comes with a button on the handle that releases more string. Of course, the button works perfectly, but according to users the unit also seems to be feeding itself. This is practically an advantage rather than a con, but I think that it’s important for users that the producer will note this on the product in the future.


Top recommendation

My top recommendation for the best weed eater of 2018 is definitely the BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 20V MAX Lithium Easy Feed String Trimmer/Edger with 2 Batteries thanks to its extended set of extremely useful features. Its adjustable length, the simple transformation from a trimmer to a wheeled edger, the speed control, and the Power Drive Transmission feature are just some of the exciting functionalities included in this weed eater. I would recommend it to all users regardless of their skill level.