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The Black & Decker CM1640 cordless mower is designed for increased cutting efficiency, and it provides the freedom of cordless convenience. Black & Decker is the inventor of the first portable electric drill with pistol grip and a trigger switch. The company evolved from a small machine shop located in Baltimore to a global manufacturing powerhouse that boasts a vast range of quality products that are used around the home.


Easy starting

The Black & Decker CM1640 cordless mower can be easily started with the simple push of a button. This is a no-hassle and no-mess alternative to gas-powered lawn mowers.

Saving time

The mower will save you time by eliminating the frustration that comes along pull cords, the hassle of mixing gas and oil and the trips to the gas station and back. It will also eliminate difficult engine maintenance.

Cutting convenience

The Black & Decker CM1640 cordless mower comes with a cutting height range of 1 to 3 inches, and it also includes a handy single lever height adjustment that will raise or lower all four wheels at the same time. After you begin to mow, the motor will make a smooth start, and it will easily tackle thick grass and uneven cutting terrain as well.

Ideal for smaller yards

The Black & Decker CM1640 cordless mower is perfect for more modest yards, and the lightweight and durable cutting deck will not rust. This will provide the machine a more extended lifespan.

Easy to maneuver and store

The machine also comes with a grass bag, and the soft fabric allows you to easily check it by tapping the bag from the bottom just to see if it’s full. You can conveniently store the mower by folding its handles down and over the mower so it will fit nicely in smaller spaces in garages or sheds.

First impression

I’m not the most conscientious mower you have met maybe also because my lawn is not particularly visible to neighbors. I also live in a rural community where there aren’t any covenants about the grass length, and I don’t always feel the need or the obligation to do anything about the lawn. I usually mow it when it gets so thick that my animals get lost in it. This mower manages to do the job flawlessly even when the grass is higher and thicker, and this is what I love about it the most. All I have to do is set the length at one of the highest settings, and the machine will plow right on through any kind of thick grass and weeds as well. The mower doesn’t get caught up in anything. I was delighted with this machine from the moment I got it because it came nicely packed with all the necessary safety features included. It also came with a massive manual of instructions so setting it up was a piece of cake. Overall, it’s easy to maneuver around my hilly yard, and it’s incredibly lightweight so I can carry it around effortlessly. Its bag is effortless to get on and off the machine and to empty as well. It comes with a big handle, and you just have to open the plastic flap and lift it right off. The machine also works great without the bag if you don’t mind your clippings landing on the lawn. The batteries come with indicators that show how fully charged they are so I was never taken by surprise when they got empty. Even if it makes two or three passes to do the whole job when the grass is thicker and longer, I can tell you that I am fully satisfied with this mower and I would recommend it anytime.


What to like:

  • The mower’s carrying handles make it easy to lift and carry around.
  • The MAX lithium-ion batteries provide up to 33% increased battery pack capacity on a single charge.
  • The machine comes with a string trimmer, a hedge trimmer, and a sweeper vac as well.
  • You can quickly remove the battery with just a click of a button.
  • You can recharge the battery in the shed or garage using the included charger.
  • This mower is perfect for smaller yards that are up to 1/8 of an acre.
  • The Black & Decker CM1640 cordless mower is lightweight and easy to handle because it weighs only 38 pounds.
  • The machine’s design is compact are really easy to maneuver.
  • The batteries will provide you around 30 minutes of mowing time after you fully charge them.
  • The machine comes with a height adjustment feature that has six settings.


What to consider:

  • The batteries last about 25-30 minutes each. My yard might be a bit too big to do the whole job with one battery. But if you will do the lawn-mowing with two batteries, things will be much easier. Try to plan your mowing job in a way that you have a fully charged battery and the other one also entirely or at least almost fully charged when you start. Don’t forget to charge them both and things will go smoothly.


Black & Decker Inc. warrants the machine for two years against any defects in workmanship or materials. The defective product will be replaced or repaired at no charge. You can return a damaged product within 30 to 90 days after the purchase. You also have the option of taking or sending the product to a Black & Decker owned or authorized Service Center for repairing the product or for replacing it. You also have to show the proof of purchase.

Final verdict

The Black & Decker CM1640 cordless mower is the perfect mower for smaller yards and its 9.5-gallon grass box that is designed with a soft fabric and a hard top will undoubtedly turn out to be a handy accessory. The lightweight and compact design of this machine make it easy to carry around, maneuver and store away when you’re not using it. Using this mower, you will be able to obtain fantastic cutting results with minimal efforts and within less time compared to other models of lawn mowers.

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