How to clean a leaf blower

Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum

There are two types of leaf blowers: electric and gas leaf blowers. Maintenance and cleaning will differ a bit according to the leaf blower’s type because these machines are a bit different regarding their construction and parts and that’s why it’s essential to clean and maintain them accordingly. By taking the best care of your […]

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How to keep a push mower clean

how to clean a push mower

It’s important to maintain your push mower regularly to prevent problems down the road as well as make it easier to do cleanups when the time comes. Another important thing when cleaning your push mower is to actually read the owner’s manual. The manufacturer will give you key cleaning and maintenance advice that is specific […]

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How to keep a zero turn mower clean

how to keep a zero turn mower clean

Maintaining your zero turn mower should always be your priority because it prolongs its natural lifespan. This is especially true during the mowing season, when your lawn mower is obviously going to be accruing the most wear and tear. First things first Before you get down to the cleaning process, ensure that you keep your zero […]

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How to Use a Zero Turn Mower?

Do you want to make your lawn look flawless, without investing too much time and energy? Well, you can do it, but not without the help of a yard machine riding mower. And we’re not talking about any kind of the weed eater lawn mower. In order to make grass cutting a fun, you need […]

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