Husqvarna 967324101 V-Twin Review

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This mower is the perfect definition of both performance and style. The mower has a cutting-edge design, high proven performance and the mix of its innovative features will make sure to make lawn maintenance a pleasant event instead of a chore.


Premium durability and superior performance

The Powerful engine powered by Briggs and Stratton comes with premium air filtration and an oversized cooling fan for maximum durability and extreme performance. The engine also includes chrome plated valves and super finished surfaces.

Improved grass lift and superior cut

The air is drawn from both the top and the bottom of the mower’s deck, and this will result in enhanced grass lift and also improved cut. The fact that the stamped cutting deck is reinforced with a robust flat-stock steel only adds strength and more durability on the trim side and the leading edge.


The mower provides a “worry-free performance, ” and you will not have to stress a lot for a perfect maintenance because the mower’s parts are durable, especially if you take care of them as instructed. The mower comes with integrated zero-turn transmissions, and its robust casters and frame make sure to provide enhanced durability and reduced chassis flex.

User-friendly and increased convenience

The mower’s deck lift system comes assisted by a spring, and this results in enhanced ease of use. The spring is also conveniently located within the easiest reach of the mower’s user so you won’t have to worry about making the best of it. The mower also includes an ergonomic control panel that makes sure to place everything you need conveniently at your fingertips.

Unique style

The mower comes with an original style chassis that features a removable foot pan for easier access to the cutting deck’s top. The mowing machine is also unique because of a few more new features such as the anti-slip foot area, refinement, a bumper including integrated LED lights, rear engine guard, and an automatic park brake system as well.

First impression

The shipping of the Husqvarna mower was super fast, and it probably would have been even more quickly if it weren’t over the Memorial Day weekend. The packaging was really robust so it managed to keep the merchandise safe from any potential harm that could have happened during the shipping process. The unit arrived at my door in the original crate shipped from the factory.

It took me about 15 to 20 minutes to assemble the mower, and everything was effortless. I hooked up the battery, attached the seat and set the steering bars very quickly. If you use the manual and follows all the steps provided in there, you’ll see that assembling it is a piece of cake.

I also noticed that the oil was already in it and all I had to do was add some gas and the mower started right up. I would recommend being extremely careful because the machine is high-speed and it turns very quickly.

Overall, the unit proved to be great, and it managed to cut a significant time off my trimming process. The 24 HP mower was able to handle some really high and think grass without any problems at all. To test it, I left on purpose a large section of the yard not mowed in anticipation just to see if it can cut higher grass as well. It handled everything great, but it did leave a bit of grass behind it. This might have happened because I was trying to cut 10-inch high grass with the mower working at the highest speed.

Overall, I was impressed with both its performance and the short amount of time that it needed to get the job done.

The pros

What to like:

  • The powerful endurance engine
  • Has no issues cutting high thick grass
  • Air filtration and a huge cooling fan
  • Also works well on wet grass
  • Sturdy and easy to assemble
  • No overheating of the engine
  • Super finished bearing surfaces on the machine
  • Chrome plated resistant valves
  • Provides improved grass lift
  • Performs a perfect cut of higher grass
  • Smooth and secure blade engagement
  • Power provided by the Hydro-Gear EZT transmission
  • Anti-slip foot area for increased user safety
  • Bumper with headlights
  • Easily accessible ergonomic control panel

The cons

What to consider:

  • It may be a bit hard to steer, so making clean turns can be a little difficult at the beginning. Although it takes a while to get used to how it works, it all comes down to perfecting your steering.


The mower comes with a limited three-year warranty, and if you have issues with the machine, Husqvarna will replace any damaged part of the mower covered by the Limited Warranty free of charge at any authorized Husqvarna servicing dealer or center.

Final verdict

The cutting-edge design of the mower and its performance and innovative features especially the ones regarding user safety were very convincing for me. The mower’s features combined were able to transform the way I used to see the whole lawn mowing process and it made lawn maintenance much easier. The Husqvarna mower is indeed incredibly sturdy and durable as well.

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