Poulan Pro 967331001 P54ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro Review

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The Poulan Pro zero-turn radius riding mower offers the highest standards in areas such as performance, comfort, and durability as well. Using this extremely efficient lawn-mower, you will be able to make the lawn-mowing process less difficult and more pleasant.


Increased maneuverability

The Poulan Pro mower comes with a dual wheel hydro transmission, and this will allow for the highest level of maneuverability. It’s straightforward to control the mower and by controlling each and every wheel on its own will enable you to go forward, backward, right and left. All you have to do is move your arms forward and backward, and the mower will practically drive itself and do the whole job on its own.

Provides a short mowing time

The Poulan Pro zero-turn mower has the ability to cut the time needed for mowing in half. Of course. This will vary from one yard to another, but overall, regardless of all potential obstacles and yard size, you will see quite a significant decrease in the amount of time you usually spend mowing the lawn in your backyard. The Poulan Pro’s mix of features results in the shorter mowing time. For instance, its maximum level of maneuverability provides you the opportunity to zip around all potential obstacles such as houses or trees and bushes, and it lets you switch directions as you please. You will be able to change the mower’s direction anytime with the highest ease.


The Poulan Pro mower will last much longer than your traditional mower that you have been using by now. The reason for its long life lies in the fact that you will not be using and forcing its engine for such an extended period of time as you used to do with your regular lawn-mover. This way, the engine will be less worn, and it will be able to work for more years. All in all, the Poulan Pro zero-turn mower has the ability to outlast a traditional mower.

Less trimming throughout the yard

The high degree of maneuverability that comes with the Poulan Pro zero-turn mower allows you to control its moves better and you will be able to get closer to objects from your yard much quicker and with higher ease. This way, you’ll save yourself both time and effort that you used to spend in your yard while using your regular push mower or trimmer. At the same time, you will achieve a fresh and clean look, and your lawn will look better than ever.

First impression

I got my mower in just a few days after easily choosing a preferred delivery date, and it came very well-packaged. The crating was absolutely robust and secure enough to protect the mower. Compared to other box stores and sites that I have learned about that ship their products in weeks, the shipping and delivery of this particular mower were great. Unpackaging and set up were relatively easy as well, and I was able to learn how to use it in no time.

The machine worked perfectly in my yard, and I’ve had it for a few months now. It has about 40 hours of use in it. The mower’s engine, the steering system, and the hydraulic pomp pf the mower turned out to be very responsive and durable, so I have no complaint in these areas.

With the mower’s sharp cutting blades, I was able to cut both dry and wet grass, and this was really important to me. It was also able to handle both the inclines and declines on my terrain perfectly. I could navigate the Poulan Pro with extreme ease around the obstacles from my backyard such as trees and a few rocks, so it didn’t give my troubles at all while I was driving it.

The only thing that managed to bother me a bit was the fact that I was hoping it to work a little faster. I notice that at full speed the mower was a little slower than I was expecting after reading the reviews and the product’s description. Now, don’t get me wrong; I was able to do the job effortlessly and quick enough. Another issue was the fact that my back hurt a little because the seat is not that comfortable and it caused me to slide down a bit from time to time.

As a conclusion, I would say that if you are a handy and a mechanical person just like myself who buys replacement parts online and replaces the parts at home, you will find this acquisition to be great. You’ll also be able to maintain it working just fine for a long period of time especially if you are careful enough with the rocks that you may have in your yard. Such obstacles can usually be unforgiving to the deck and cutting blades on your mower, regardless of the model you pick, so you have to be careful with them.

The pros

What to like:

  • The robust 24HP Briggs and Stratton engine
  • 54-inch reinforced cutting deck
  • Sharp blades that work perfectly on both wet and dry grass
  • Smooth electric clutch blade engagement
  • 6-position cutting height adjustment
  • High-quality 18-inches rear tires
  • Its durable caster wheels and welded frame
  • The high performance it offers on your lawn
  • The digital hour meter that will turn out really handy
  • Anti-scalp rollers
  • Its user-friendly dual levers with foam padded hand grips for high comfort
  • The full speed and fuel capacity that allow the machine to cut up to 2.8 acres/hour

The cons

What to consider:

  • It may lack traction sometimes, but it still manages to perform well enough.


The Poulan Pro comes with a three-year limited homeowner warranty and a traditional return policy that requires you to return the product to an authorized service dealer.

Final verdict

The Poulan Pro zero-turn mower excels especially in performance and durability, and it provides an incredibly powerful engine and really sharp blades. This mower is perfect for larger lawns with lots of obstacles because it provides superior speed and maneuverability. It also comes with a fuel tank large enough and comfortable seating for longer mowing sessions. Its versatility and power convinced me the most of this mower’s high quality, so I would recommend it anytime for your lawn trimming needs. Its features allow you to easily navigate any kind of terrain whether it’s hilly, flat or uneven and to cut any kind of grass whether it’s dry or wet.

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