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Rough cut trail cutters are also known as tow-behind rough cut mowers, and this type of two-behind mowers are mainly targeted at people who own overgrown wild properties that they plan to tame. The Swisher RC11544BS is the best solution that provides machete-like cutting results and a powerful engine that is designed to thresh thick brush off the path without problems.


Cuts dense weeds and thick brush

The Swisher RC11544BS is best suitable for cutting dense weeds and brush, and it’s mostly applied in mowing golf courses with tougher grass. You can, of course, also use it for any significant mowing job, but this machine is the perfect solution especially for heavy-duty work.

Dramatically reducing mowing time

The Swisher RC11544BS comes backed with the power of over 60 years of experience, and it’s designed to reduce the mowing time significantly. You can easily attach the Swisher Trail cutter to your ATV or lawn tractor, and you’ll be pleased to see that it’s the ultimate time-saver for extensive mowing. You will be able to mow everything in just one single pass without having to go back again.

Cuts brush up to 3 inches in diameter

This tow-behind mower is able to cut brush that reaches up to three inches in diameter. The machine comes with two 16-inches sealant filled tires, and two heavy-duty swinging blades. It also includes a convenient single-point cutting height adjustment with a range of 4 inches.

Includes a remote operator control console for enhanced safety

The Swisher RC11544BS comes packed with a remote operator control console that allows you to engage and disengage the machine from a distance, decreasing the risk of potential accidents.

First impression

I was able to notice from the very beginning that this piece of machinery is excellent when I got it out of its box, and I saw how strong and sturdy it was. The connection to the ATV is really good, but it also would have been nice to have an option to connect a ball mount.

The gas tank holds enough gas and it will allow the machine to run around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on what you are cutting with it. I also noticed that the tires are full and robust and the whole machine came in a really well-built crate for enhanced safety while shipping. I used it a few times until now, and I am delighted with the way it works. It managed to do a perfect job while rough cutting on level surfaces. It’s essential to use it on flat terrain or slopes that are under 15 degrees because if you don’t listen to the instructions and you use it on a more inclined surface or in ditches you might damage the machine.

This model of a tow-behind mower is not designed to work well on slopes but, on the other hand, you won’t have any troubles cutting through thick brush and small saplings on flat terrains. To make the best out of it, you just have to pull it directly behind a UTV or a quad, and it will be able to do its job great. I was able to clean up an 8-10 acre spot that was grown with small bushes and honeysuckle without any problems. I also have an area on the field where the grass was over three feet tall, and it also mowed it without stumbling at all. All I had to do was set it at the highest level of course, and it worked just fine. The height adjustment mechanism is extremely easy to use.

The machine starts on the first pull, and it works flawlessly without interruptions. It towed great behind my Kawasaki Mule as well. I can tell you that since I have been using this machine the mowing time and my efforts as well have been significantly reduced and I was always able to cut everything with just a single pass. With other tow-behind machines that I owned and tried I had to go back and repeat the operation one or two more times, but with this one, everything works fine from the very beginning. The final results have always been excellent, and I was delighted to see that. Overall, using the machine is really easy, and I can also store and maintain it without problems.

It’s essential to carry out some routine preventative care and maintenance according to the manual of instructions that it comes with. I’m really satisfied with the machine, and I would totally recommend it for larger flat areas with various types of soil.

The pros

What to like:

  • The Swisher RC11544BS’ blades are bolted on, but you also have the ability to pivot the bolt.
  • The centrifugal force maintains the blades straight until they come across an obstacle that they’re not able to cut, and then they pivot to minimize the potential risks of damaging.
  • It comes with a rear discharge.
  • You are able to offset the mower to the left and the right side of a vehicle.
  • The machine’s construction is durable and sturdy.
  • The Swisher RC11544BS comes ready to use out of the box.
  • The universal articulating pin hitch adjusts left to right.
  • You can successfully cut a field that is over three feet tall using the Swisher RC11544BS.

The cons

What to consider:

  • The Swisher RC11544BS doesn’t work flawlessly on slopes that are greater than 15 degrees because it’s designed for flat terrains where it will be able to cut through thick brush and smaller saplings.


The Swisher RC11544BS 11.5 HP comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Final verdict

The Swisher RC11544BS 11.5 HP 44-Inch Rough Cut Trail Cutter is perfect for both smaller and more extensive flat areas, and it will also be able to do its mowing job perfectly on slopes that are under 15 degrees. The machine is packed with robust features and safety functionalities such as the remote operator control console for enhanced safety. The pneumatic sealant filled tires, the single-point cutting adjustment, and the heavy-duty swinging blades are incredibly well-constructed for ensuring a high-quality mowing of your terrain and significantly reducing your efforts and mowing time as well.

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