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The Troy-Bilt is usually associated with various fantastic zero-turn riding mowers that are available on the market, varying in performance and engine power. There are lots of options available starting from entry-level mowers and finishing with the incredibly powerful professional and commercial ones. The Mustang 54 is one of the best Troy-Bilt models that are available with the highest efficiency.


Powerful and silent engine

The engine of a mower is the item that matters the most, and this one is incredibly powerful. The Briggs & Stratton engine packs 25 HP of power. The Intek V-Twin is a gasoline-powered engine that features a fuel capacity of 2.8 gallons. It’s effortless to maintain and clean, and you’ll see that accessing its filter if you need to change them will also be hassle-free. The engine comes with an overhead valve, and this will make it less likely to become overheated. As a result, it will also last longer, and it will ensure better economy of the fuel.

High precision

The 54-inch triple blade stamped aluminum deck features triple blades that are able to work with high precision on both flat terrain and hilly zones.

Enhanced comfort and ergonomics design

You surely know that while you are operating zero-turn riding mowers, you often have to spend a few hours sitting in the mower’s seat. That’s why the comfort factor is crucial as well as the ergonomics of the design. The Mustang 54 has a high-back 18-inch seat that is comfortable enough for long periods of sitting. The seat also features dual suspension, and this will provide smooth rides even when you’re driving the machine on a bumpier terrain. This model also offers more leg space, so your legs won’t get cramped while you’re doing your job.

Increased control

The lap bars of the mower are fully adjustable, and this feature provides increased controlling abilities. You also get a cup holder, and this will come in handy if you need a quick drink while working.

First impression

Before purchasing the product, I recommend checking the estimate delivery time because it may vary. My own mower came in a few days, nicely and very safely packed. Keep in mind that it weighs 715 lbs. so it will be quite a heavy shipment. This is why you should make some adequate prior arrangements for handling this product.

After I opened the package, I read carefully the instructions included in the owner’s manual, and they’re very useful especially for your safety. If you stick to the instructions, you won’t have any problems with the mower, and you’ll be able to keep it functioning correctly and efficiently for a longer period of time. You should read both of the documents before you try it out and this is crucial especially if you didn’t use a riding mower before.

While I was trying it in my yard, I noticed that it provides straightforward control and high power. It worked flawlessly on the inclined areas form the yard as well. On the small hill from the yard, the Mustang was able to work correctly without sliding or losing control of the machine at all. It really was like driving a fancy car after your whole life you only had an average one.

It was one of the best zero-turn riding mowers I have ever tried, and its powerful engine provided fuel economy, consistent and reliable performance. The full pressure lubrication system ensured that the mower remained in a top working condition as it had been when I bought it.

The transmission system allowed the machine to achieve really fast speeds of up to 7 mph and it was the thing that enabled its maneuvering on hilly areas. I was able to reach around all kinds of obstacles such as bushes or rocks without any issues. The handy wash port from its deck made sure that the cleaning of the grass was effortless.

The Mustang 54 comes with two lap bars, and I noticed that the controls are designed ergonomically, and they were perfectly suited for me. As far as I can tell, they seem suitable for riders of all sizes.

Maintaining this mower turned out really easy for me but remember that I am a more experienced and handy user. If you are new to mowers, you should get an expert to help you out with its parts’ management and maintenance to prevent potential damage.

The pros

What to like:

  • Robust and resistant deck material and construction
  • The highest level of performance and power
  • The engine developed by the pioneers in engine manufacturing
  • User-friendly assembly features
  • The easy-start system called ReadyStart enabling you to start the machine the same as you would start a car
  • Easy maintenance
  • Overheat prevention features
  • Ensures fuel economy
  • The air filter designed to deflect any debris including grass and small stones
  • Dynamically balanced crankshaft
  • The smooth operation of the mower
  • The low-noise and low-vibration features
  • Increased reliability and overall value
  • High safety and comfort factor
  • Ergonomic design of the mower
  • Dual suspension for smoother rides

The cons

What to consider:

  • It seems that sometimes backing up the mower will result in disengaging the blades, but if you’re cautious enough you can avoid this.
  • The lack of LED lights might be considered a minor flaw compared to all the other features that it provides.


Mustang 54 comes with a three-year warranty that starts from the first day of the purchase. Troy-Bilt will repair or replace free of charge any parts that are found to be defective in the materials of due to crafting.

Final verdict

The Mustang 54 definitely offers a high value for money, and it manages to boost a mower’s features especially regarding reliability, power, and performance. The low-noise and low-vibration features are very rare these days so, at least for me, they turned out to be very impressive. I recommend you check the oil before each mowing sessions and change it once a year if you respect the instructions that come with the product, you’ll ensure a longer lifespan for its equipment and less maintenance. Overall, this was one of the best riding mowers I have ever tried.

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